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Booba Walden

Office Therapy Dog
Hovering Around People
Working You for Treats
10 Years

Personal Experience

Since joining Ketamine Media over 5 years ago Booba has made her way into the hearts of our entire staff. She is notorious for being ridiculously cute and commanding constant attention from everyone that passes her by. Her favorite things are loving everyone, treats, snoring, and sleeping. At 10 years young she still has some bounce in her step and enjoys the occasional tug-of-war or catch.

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Ketamine Media helps connect providers and patients at scale using a unique patient-centered approach to communication. We are pioneering awareness and communication in the psychedelic-wellness industry using ethical, people-first techniques to build genuine connections.

Ketamine Media operates off a cohesive vision. The improvement of patient outcomes by connecting candidates with our provider partners. We understand that our partners are critical to improving patients’ lives, and we will help you build meaningful connections to ensure that you reach those in need of life-changing care.

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