How To Start A Ketamine Clinic

how to start a ketamine clinic

How To Start a Ketamine Clinic

Over the last several years interest around Ketamine infusion therapy has grown at a steady rate. With the recent introduction of EsKetamine we are expecting even more coverage on this life changing treatment. Ketamine Media is the industry’s 1st dedicated marketing agency solely focused on helping physicians raise awareness about the clinical use of Ketamine. Our agency currently works with more Ketamine providers than any other company in North America. Because of our business model we are in a unique position to help you get the best advice and resources on how to start a Ketamine clinic.

Process and Protocols for Your Ketamine Clinic

how to start a ketamine clinic

Our provider network reaches virtually every market across the united states. This has allowed us to observe the internal processes and protocols of not only start up Ketamine clinics, but some of the nation’s leading Ketamine providers as well.  This competitive advantage and industry knowledge can be used to help match you with the right provider who can help answer your questions about how to start a Ketamine clinic. Ketamine Media would like to be a resource for you on the next steps of your journey.

Marketing Your Ketamine Clinic

After you learn how to start your Ketamine clinic your next step will be to focus on patient growth and education. Ketamine Media is your digital partner in the fight against depression and other treatment resistant conditions. We are leaders in infusion center growth. Ketamine Media was founded to help physicians raise awareness about the clinical use of Ketamine.

We can help you with the following marketing and branding services

Questions? Let Us Help You

Frequently Asked Questions

Are You Affiliated With Another Ketamine Clinic?

No. Ketamine Media is an independent marketing agency that works with Ketamine clinic on a national level.

Do You Charge a Fee to Refer Us To One of Your Providers?

Absolutely not. Our goal is to be a free resource that you can leverage to help you start your Ketamine clinic.

how much is it to start a Ketamine clinic?

Every market and business venture is different. The provider we refer you to can provide you with the most accurate information.

how long have you been helping Ketamine Clinics?

Ketamine Media has been working in the industry for the last 4 years or since 2015.

how many ketamine clinics do you work with?

Currently we are operating in over 25 states nationwide and in around 50 + local markets.