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As the Industry's #1 Ketamine Treatment Advertising Agency We Offer a Variety of Different Services.

Performance Improvement

Enabling infusion centers to grow revenue, improve margins, and re-position their practice quickly. This is a #1 recommendation for our consulting services.

Awareness and Marketing

Learn how the industry's #1 infusion providers raise effective awareness about the clinical use of Ketamine and market their practices.

Process and Organization

Ensuring the entire organization is aligned and set up to successfully deliver on the company's objectives while providing the best medical care for their patients.

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We will show you exactly how to scale your practice quickly and effectively in today's market.

We Are Your Competitive Advantage

Enjoy exclusivity of services in your local market. Rest easy knowing that we are building your business 100% of the time versus your competition.

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Ketamine Media works with more infusion centers on a national scale than any other agency in North America. We know what it takes for you to grow.

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Ketamine Media puts you where your patients are searching for treatment alternatives the most.

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