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About Ketamine Media

A Marketing Company Built from Compassion, Powered by Results

Founded in 2016, Ketamine Media quickly became the nation’s leading full-service marketing agency working in the ketamine and psychedelic-wellness space. Since working with our original eight locations, Ketamine Media has grown our team of collaborative care providers into a global network dedicated to improving patient outcomes in over forty-five states and three countries.

Our Mission

Our mission is to bridge the gap in communication and effective awareness strategies to help encourage individuals that are seeking alternative treatments for mental health conditions to raise their hands for help. 

Our Vision

To raise awareness at scale about the clinical use of ketamine and to help influence public perception about this innovative new treatment for mood and pain disorders. 

Our Values

Ketamine Media has been built on three core pillars. Meaning, Value, and Purpose. These three core pillars help drive every decision we make. 

Our History

In early 2016 our parent company, 360 Media worked with one of the nations leading providers of Ketamine Infusion Therapy spanning 8 states. Over the course of the next year they would witness numerous individuals getting their life back as a direct result of Ketamine Infusion Therapy. Compelled to help others get access to this life changing treatment, Ketamine Media was born.

Over the past seven years, Ketamine Media and our partners have reached hundreds of thousands of patients in need of alternative solutions for treatment-resistant conditions. This ever-growing network of providers is actively helping improve mental healthcare and the lives of members of their communities across the nation using unique, collaborative approaches to provider/patient communication. 

Ketamine Media works with the largest network of ketamine wellness providers the nation has seen, bringing modern mental health and wellness solutions to communities in virtually every state.  We would be honored to add your team to our network and bring our experience, unique strategies, and passion for results to your practice and community.

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Ketamine Media helps connect providers and patients at scale using a unique patient-centered approach to communication. We are pioneering awareness and communication in the psychedelic-wellness industry using ethical, people-first techniques to build genuine connections.

Ketamine Media operates off a cohesive vision. The improvement of patient outcomes by connecting candidates with our provider partners. We understand that our partners are critical to improving patients’ lives, and we will help you build meaningful connections to ensure that you reach those in need of life-changing care.

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