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Ketamine Media helps you raise awareness at scale in the most relevant and authentic way possible. We are pioneers in the digital landscape for innovative new treatments in mental health. Partner with the industry’s first dedicated media agency.
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Authentic Patient-Centered Awareness at Scale

We built our entire ketamine marketing agency around providers just like you. We are your digital partner in the fight against depression and other treatment-resistant conditions.

Practice Growth Solutions

Ketamine Media is leading the way in helping providers raise awareness about the clinical use of Ketamine. We are your digital partner in the fight against depression and other treatment-resistant conditions. 

Strategy and Consulting

Consulting services focus on our client's most critical needs

Branding and Design

We drive ROI by optimizing brand performance

Inbound Marketing

Raise awareness in authentic and patient-centered ways

Search Engine Optimization

Premium placement in all major search engines

Content Distribution

Attract, engage, and retain audience attention

Website Development

Effectively engage patients during their health care journey

PPC Management

Strategy and experince with cross-channel PPC solutions

Social Media Management

Strategy experience and analytical expertise combine

Welcome to ketamine media

Ketamine Treatment Awareness

Our Agency is Built on a Foundation of Genuine Care and a Drive to Connect Our Partners With People in Need


Ketamine treatment must be shared in a way that encourages candidates to take action and seek more information about this treatment alternative. The general public still knows very little about Ketamine treatment.


We help alter health behaviors through digital education techniques that encourage patients to take a proactive role in their own care. Learn how we help you communicate your message online and offline effectively.


Better patient engagement fosters trust between patients and the professionals treating them and is key for maintaining continuity of care. Understanding the patient journey online is vital to the success of your practice.

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